Weight Reduction by Laser works by aiming lasers at your lower body specifically designed to puncture holes in your fat cells so that they deflate.

Body keeps all the fat cells—a good thing since removing fat cells can have unintended consequences, as seen in recent studies on liposuction—but they're just much smaller.

The fat is then released into your interstitial fluid and flushed out by your lymphatic system. Because we store our toxins in our fat, this also has a cleansing effect on the body.

Then this procedure repeated for few days according to need in some weeks.

Precautions during the treatment

  • During the treatment the patient is cautioned to eat very neatly, work out moderately, wear compression undergarments, and drink plenty of water.

Cold Laser Treatments

Treatment with the Nepal Skincare Centre is easy, painless, and carefree. Each session takes less than an hour; the low-level laser is used for a total of 40 minutes. The laser is applied to the targeted area, which is generally a combination of the waist, hips, and thighs, for 20 minutes.

The same treatment is applied to the opposite side. The minimum suggested treatment period is two weeks, with three full sessions each week.

You should consult your provider about the maximum results for your body type, weight, and target loss.

Weight Reduction by Laser Treatment Features

  • Lose those Extra Kilos with Painless Lipo- Laser Therapy
  • Reduce considerable inches from tummy, hips & thighs in "Quick Time Frame"
  • Free Body Composition Analysis
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Quick, effective, affordable, painless and FDA approved solution for effective weight loss & excellent results.

Laser treatments are safe, effective and have an 85-94% success rate, although individual results may vary.

  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Decrease your appetite
  • Control your hunger cravings
  • Increase your endorphin levels

The laser treatments, which are customized to fit each individual’s needs, include follow up, nutritional guidance and motivational support.

When a patient comes in for weight loss, several factors are taken into consideration.

1. Imbalance of the steroid hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

2. Low levels of the thyroid hormones

3. Excessive appetite

4. Sluggish digestion and metabolism

5. Water retention

6. Excessive Stress

7. Emotional eating

8. Poor eating habits

9. Lack of exercise

Each patient is different and requires a different approach. Our weight loss plans are highly customized to meet the need of each patient.

With our revolutionary technology we can help to correct internal body imbalances or decrease menopausal weight gain.


Team Of Specialists Doctors

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anupama Karki

    Dermatologist, Venereologist, Cosmetologist & Laser Surgeon

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  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rima Shrestha

    Dermatologist, Venereologist, Cosmetologist & Laser Surgeon

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  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rushma Shrestha

    Dermatologist, Venereologist & Cosmetologist

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  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Laila Lama Tangbetani

    Dermatologist, Venereologist & Cosmetologist

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  • Dr. Manisha Singh

    Dermatologist, Venereologist & Cosmetologist

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  • Dr. Riti Acharya

    Dermatologist, Venereologist & Cosmetologist

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  • Dr. Lokendra Limbu

    Dermatologist, Venereologist & Cosmetologist & Laser Surgeon

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    Dermatologist, Venereologist, Leprologist, Dermatosurgery

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